Voice of Little Hearts: This could change your life as well as millions of Children!

Take 5 mins. Read this patiently. Our Children need our help.
A real change is possible only when the change begins at the roots; our children are the roots of the humankind.

At this very moment somewhere in the world there are organisations and people working their souls for the betterment of the society. Be it the UNESCO or some random human, the world knows the worth of our children. The world knows that they are the future. Organisations are working round the clock around the globe. Yet the issues faced by our children remain an unsolved mystery. The statistics still shows the numbers against the well-being of our children, irrespective of whatever measures been taken for them. The top ten issues faced by the children globally are listed as below (source list verse).

Violence through Indoctrination, Poverty, Life as refugees, Lack of Access to Education, Child Neglect, Child labour, Child prostitution, Child pornography, Trafficking and slavery, and Military use of Children.
This list above is based on the perspective of our society on the children. ie what our society views as problems faced by children. This, of course, will vary from country to country. If the military use of children is the top problem in the middle east, child prostitution would be the major problem in Southeast Asian countries. So the preventive measures and the strategies should be customized according to the needs of the children in their respective society.

As noted earlier, the problems are seen in the perspective of the society. We are missing a point actually there itself. What about the perspective of the children? If they make a list of 10 problems the face, what would be that? We need not be surprised if their list has “Mommy not allows chocolates”. They may not be matured enough to foresee their future as we elders do. But when we find solutions to their problems we should also see the solutions from their perspective. How effective our solutions are reaching them.

Overall, we insist on three major point precisely.

1. Understand problems from children’s perspective
2. Work on grass-root level and ensure our efforts benefits the children
3. Create a network and a model that is self-sustained.

Overview: VLH will begin as a publishing project, then reach children across India as a community that cares for them and will continue to evolve as a supportive system for the children directly.

voice-of-little-heartsOnce the book is completed, it will be released simultaneously in 12 languages across the country and the globe. We Propel Steps and the core team will ensure to avail the books free of cost for children across India with the support of local NGOs and Sponsorships. The distribution of VLH to children will happen via planned events and workshops (the details will be communicated at the later stages of the project)

We have no hidden secrets as we have made the project plan very transparent. All you need to do is Think. Think of where you can be a part of this project and what role you want to play in this. You can be writer, a translator, a social media promoter, a project coordinator, a PR or a NGO who can be part of this project, a publisher who wants to publish this project, a school who wants to be associated in this project. Overall we need your support and we value it. We will deliver and ensure every ounce of your efforts are converted into smiles of some random child. That could be your child also. 🙂
We have listed down 10 major areas of concern that we should focus for our children in India.

• Sexual Abuse / Harassment• Education System / Career Pressure • Child Labour / Child Trafficking / Rights Violation• Parental Care / Family Violence / Neglect• Poverty• Healthcare / Nutrition • Sex Education, Moral Values• Rural / Urban Issues • Psychological Needs• Social Pressure / Discrimination

So Join us. Contact publish@propelsteps.com or +91 72000 48566 for more details and to discuss your queries / interest.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voiceoflittlehearts

For complete Details, Please see this NOTE.

Please Support this initiative Parents, Writers, NGOs, Activists …. This is a Great Step by Propelsteps team.

Voice of Little Hearts : This could be your child’s voice

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