Story Origami Workshop & Contest on 2nd March by Catalyst Results.
We organised story origami workshop followed by story telling contest on 2nd March and it was facilitated by Mrs. Latha Subramanian.
It was well received by both parents and children.

Story-origami is the art of combining paper folding (origami) with storytelling. Some children may find origami overwhelming to learn or storytelling hard to grasp. An innovative way to get around this is story-origami. Storytelling when coupled with origami therefore gives a two-fold benefit.

It develops the art of storytelling and also helps the child to remember the origami folds in order.

Simple folding techniques were taught along with the story narration. It was very interesting to see the little ones fold their paper and form a boat, paper cups, piano & a whale. It was even more interesting to see them come up with their own story about what they have built.

The best part is the active participation by parents – who enjoyed the workshop along with their children in making different shapes.

Stories told by the participants were judged and prizes were distributed at the end of the workshop.

Winners of the contest are :
VM Tejaswini – Ist Prize
MM Anish – IInd Prize
S. Pooja – IIIrd Prize
Kudos to all!
Looking forward to see you all in our next workshop soon!
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Results of Story Origami Workshop & Contest by Catalyst
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