Unleash the child’s brain power and overcome any mental barriers that hold them back. This whole brain thinking session can enhance the kids ability to imagine, associate, and continuously improve the cognitive function and memory. This session focuses on how memory works, factors that affect and enhance memory, strategies to improve memory, the process of concentration, ways of improving the concentration process and how different circumstances can affect child’s ability to focus and concentrate effectively.

Session includes 
*Identification of the child’s thinking pattern
*Customizing reading techniques for kids individually based on their thinking pattern
*Memory techniques to improve concentration
*Speed reading techniques
*Making the children the SMART way(Select strategies that work out for them, Make their learning fun, Ask questions to help them learn, Remember their mind is magic, Think independently and creatively)
Fees: 2000 Rs
Venue: No. 9, Thiruvengadapuram first street, Choolaimedu, Chennai 600094
Contact no : 9841119644
Consultation by appointments only
Memory Classes for children
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